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Advanced Pet Dental


Preserving Smiles: Our Advanced Pet Dental Solutions


Did you know that our pets use their mouth and teeth for more than just eating? Teeth are essential to itch between their toes, carry their favourite tennis ball or even defend themselves against unanticipated danger!

Our goal is to help you ensure that your pet has a mouth that is pain-free, and functioning to its best. Our experience in the field of dentistry and oral surgery allows us to offer advanced dental techniques to achieve a pain-free and functional mouth for dogs and cats.

Allow us to help you explore all of your options before you commit to permanent dental changes, like extracting your pet’s teeth, with a second opinion consultation.

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dog dental braces

Dog Braces

dog teeth cleaning

Pet Dental Cleaning

dog dental filling

Dog Tooth Filling

dog tooth extraction

Tooth Extraction

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Mouth Ulcers

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Jaw Fracture


More Than Just Teeth!


Don't let dental issues steal the joy out of your pet. They’re your pet’s natural tools for their favourite activities.

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Catching Balls

and playtime

dog teeth hygiene


and for an itchy back!

dog teeth treats


their favorite meal and snacks

dog smile


you would use your hands for!

Conditions That We Can Help

How Do We Do It?

pet dental orthodontics


Dog braces? Crown extensions? Yes, animals do get them too!

Misaligned teeth can lead to significant trauma and discomfort. In such cases, we must take action to address the issue. Sometimes, we can reposition a tooth or a group of teeth to alleviate the problem.

Various orthodontic methods and other treatments are available to enhance your pet's comfort.

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Dental Restoratives

Just like humans, pets can experience dental issues that require intervention. Our composite fillings provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution for restoring damaged or decayed teeth in pets.

Not only do they restore the structural integrity of the tooth, but they also help maintain proper oral function and prevent further decay or damage.

alternative to dog tooth extraction

Enamel Sealants

Enamel sealants offer a proactive solution for safeguarding your pet's teeth against decay and damage. They are specially formulated to create a protective barrier over your pet's enamel, helping to prevent the accumulation of plaque and bacteria. By sealing off the tiny crevices and fissures on the tooth's surface, it effectively reduces the risk of cavities and other dental problems.

pet tooth extraction

Endodontic Therapy

In cases of emergency tooth fractures, the pulp – the innermost layer of the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels – may become exposed or damaged, leading to pain and potential infection. Endodontic Therapy aims to save the affected tooth by treating the injured pulp and promoting healing.

pet dental surgery

Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal disease can affect pets just like humans, leading to gum recession, tooth loss, and discomfort.Periodontal surgery with the use of grafts offers an advanced solution for addressing severe periodontal issues and restoring your pet's dental health.

Periodontal surgery involves the meticulous removal of diseased tissue and bacteria from the gums, followed by the placement of grafts to promote tissue regeneration and gum reattachment.

pet jaw injury

Jaw Fracture Repair

Jaw fractures in pets can be distressing and painful, requiring prompt and effective treatment to restore function and alleviate discomfort. Minimally invasive jaw fracture repair offers a gentle and precise approach to addressing jaw fractures in pets while minimising trauma and promoting optimal healing.

dog teeth broken

Linguoverted Canine Correction

Linguoverted canines, where the canine teeth grow inwards towards the tongue, can be a very painful condition and often leads to the affected tooth becoming rotten and requiring removal. This is preventable and needn’t be the case. There are many solutions when it comes to malpositioned canine teeth, including ball therapy, crown extensions, inclined planes and crown reductions. Allow our veterinarians to best guide which treatment is best suited to your pet.

24 hour vet hospital mitcham

24-hour Primary Care

Our 24-hour primary care and emergency facility provides around-the-clock veterinary care for pets in need. Whether it's a sudden illness, injury, or medical emergency, pet parents can rely on our facility to provide prompt and compassionate care for their beloved companions at any time of the day or night.

dog dental disease treatment

Dedicated Dental Suite

Our dog and cat dentistry is performed in a dedicated, purpose-built dental suite. Our dental suite offers comprehensive pet dental care with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of skilled veterinary professionals. We provide a range of dental services, including cleanings, charting, digital dental radiography, AI radiology reporting, periodontal therapy, pet tooth extraction, orthodontics and oral surgery. Our suite is designed to create a comfortable and stress-free environment for pets undergoing dental procedures, with a focus on safety, efficiency, and excellence in care.

pet dental hygiene

CO2 Laser Equipment

The mouth is a very sensitive area of the body, with a rich blood supply. Traditional surgical methods can be invasive and may result in prolonged recovery times for pets. Our oral surgeries are performed without scalpels, but rather use a surgical laser thereby reducing bleeding, swelling, and post-operative pain. The laser also seals nerve endings and blood vessels as it vaporises tissue, promoting quicker healing and reducing the risk of infection.

dog dental health

Photobiomodulation Enhanced Healing

Photobiomodulation therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy, is a versatile treatment modality used in pets for various purposes. It can accelerate the healing process and reduce inflammation at surgical sites, promoting faster recovery after procedures such as soft tissue surgery or dental extractions. Additionally, photobiomodulation therapy aids in the healing of wounds, lacerations, or abrasions by stimulating cellular activity and enhancing tissue regeneration.

cat tooth extraction

Tailored Pain Relief Options

Depending on the level of your pet’s procedure, we will tailor their level of pain relief. As a 24 hour facility with emergency experience, we have significant experience with pain management. All pets having oral surgery will benefit from a local anaesthesia, meaning they awaken with a numb, pain-free mouth.  We strive to ensure that your pet experiences minimal pain following their treatment.


Get to Know Dr. Vicky

Dr. Vicky Wade, our Tooth Fairy, is a highly experienced veterinarian who holds a BSc and DVM, with further recognition for her ability in Small Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery from the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

Over her career, Dr. Vicky has established a noteworthy practice that focuses on compassion and reducing patient stress. This passion has also led to her accreditation as a certified Fear-Free Practitioner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

11 out of 10 for these fantastic crew. Very professional people with very gentle hearts and were extremely thorough. They took excellent care of my darling doggo (and me for that matter) I would definitely suggest these people to take care of your precious family members. The costs were as any standard vet would be so a thumbs up from me.
Vetland Hospital Review
Jack Venom
Pet Parent
We had every pet-parent’s worst fear happen and had to rush our beloved 13 year old diabetic cat to the emergency vet as she was having a hypoglycaemic episode and was declining. We were seen swiftly and all the tests done and she was admitted for a 12 hour stay. The staff all made us feel reassured and their calm demeanours helped to ease my anxiety a little bit. I felt safe leaving my darling little Chérie in their care overnight and I truly felt like they were invested in her recovery..
Vetland Hospital Review
Stephanie Keys
Pet Parent
Great place! These guys were awesome and the facilities were amazing. Squeezed us in for an emg consult after our dog scalped his head being a nutcase. We even got a tour of the facilities after they helped our boy Tiny Dog. Recommended! 🤜🤛
Vetland Hospital Review
Danny Foster
Pet Parent
I wanted to share my positive experience with the new veterinary clinic that recently attended to my dog in an emergency. The staff demonstrated exceptional professionalism, empathy, and quick action, ensuring my pet received prompt and effective care.The facility was clean, well-equipped, and the vet's expertise was evident. I'm grateful for their dedication to my Mackie and I highly recommend this veterinary place.
Vetland Hospital Review
Carlene D'Rosario
Pet Parent
We had to go to Vetland very early Good Friday to have our sick cat Tabitha looked at. Upon examination it was obvious that she was very ill and sadly could not be saved. During the whole time we were there we were kept fully updated and the compassion shown by all the staff was very much appreciated,and also the later follow-up.Our sincere thanks to all at Vetland.
Vetland Hospital Review
Anne and Ern
Pet Parents
This clinic is refreshing… I’ve had to visit twice in an emergency once for my partners dog and again for my own… they are so considerate and warm and my favourite thing the did for us (apart from the wonderful work on our dogs) is the fact that they let us be apart of the consultation… I got to spend every minute with my girl right up until they put her under and I think that’s just wonderful.. for her and for me since we are so close… ❤️ A+ for sure not to mention the stitches she needed are very well done!
Vetland Hospital Review
Lauren Gledhill
Pet Parent
Well worth the 48 km drive with no appointment madeWe arrived and saw a triage nurse straight away who was very professional and also very caring what calmed the dog down quite a bit and the other OWNERS after a short time with him with the vet who was just great seeing to myl ittle girl is complaints and full check-up very impressed I have used this service a few times but not at the new hospital you can ask the better service and very a reasonable price,
Vetland Hospital Review
Chris Shields
Pet Parent
I would recommend Vetland to anyone in need of a vet overnightWe took our cat there last night. We were listened and our Belle was well looked after at 12.30am.The facilites are truly amazing .Thankyou
Vetland Hospital Review
Karen Daking
Pet Parent

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John Smith
Marketing Director
Master cleanse banh mi blog kinfolk, pitchfork try-hard mustache paleo. Tumblr church-key vice brooklyn whatever chia. Single-origin coffee echo park 3 wolf moon salvia humblebrag distillery palo santo.
John Smith
Marketing Director