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BOAS Surgery For Dogs


Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome

Our squishy-faced little friends deserve to live a life free of distress and constant breathing struggles. Join the circle of happy pet parents who've witnessed their pup's life transform as they breathe more easily after BOAS surgery.

Our BOAS surgeons, Dr. Vicky and Dr. Miranda, love nothing more than being a part of a positive health journey for brachycephalics. Together, they have crafted a fear-free practice policy that applies to all pets, but is especially important to BOAS babies, who are particularly vulnerable to the physical effects of stress.

Our BOAS surgery is performed scalpel-free, thanks to our Aesculight CO2 laser - ensuring minimal bleeding, reduced discomfort and faster recovery for your pup. Our hospital provides 24 hour critical care and emergency services - so rest-assured that your pet is in the best hands during their recovery.

To speak with one of our BOAS surgeons, click the link below to book an appointment!


boas surgery french bulldog


Understanding BOAS in Pugs, French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Shih Tzus


BOAS, or Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, affects some dogs with short skulls, muzzles, and noses. It can lead to compressed and distorted airways, resulting in challenges like:

  • Noisy breathing

  • Snoring

  • Poor exercise tolerance

  • Sleep apnoea

  • Regurgitation

  • Heat stroke

Restricted airflow makes your pet uncomfortable and affects their overall well-being. Sadly, they have no way to communicate this and their suffering is often ignored. BOAS care truly requires an individualised approach, unique to each patient's needs, and includes surgical as well as non-surgical management strategies.


boas surgery bulldog



BOAS surgery is a complex procedure, which may include up to five separate components which may each be performed to improve airflow through the upper airways. The five procedures include:

  • Widening of the nostrils

  • Shortening of an elongated soft palate

  • Remodelling & thinning of a thickened soft palate

  • Removal of inflamed and everted laryngeal saccules

  • Removal of enlarged tonsils

Dr. Vicky and Dr. Miranda certainly are able to perform all five, should they be necessary, to achieve optimum wellness for your pup.

And whilst both surgeons perform 5/5 surgery, it is not always in every pet's benefit. In fact, pursuing 5/5 surgery as a blanket rule may not be good for recovery and can interfere with the surgical success. Speak with us at your BOAS consultation to explain the best procedure for your pup to achieve the best results.


boas surgery for bulldogs


Witness the Amazing Transformation After BOAS Surgery at VetLand


Check out the incredible before and after surgery images below in this furry family member who was suffering from Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome. Surgery was performed with our carbon dioxide laser, with no sutures. These photos were taken ONE HOUR apart!

boas surgery before and after
boas surgery recovery

Meet Our BOAS Team


Dr. Miranda Oosthuizen

Lead Veterinarian
Dr. Vicky Wade

Dr. Vicky Wade

Lead Veterinarian

Jess Mattson


Kalinda Korkman


Why Pet Parents Choose VetLand for BOAS Surgery

boas surgery procedure

Consultation & Assessment

First, we do a thorough pre-examination of your pup to determine the best surgery for optimal results.

emergency vet mitcham

On Site 24 hr Vet Hospital

Your pup will have round the clock post operative care from vets and nurses at our modern VetLand Hospital.

best vets for boas surgery

Pre-Surgical Anxiety Relief

Your pup will be given pre-surgical anxiety relief to minimise their stress coming into hospital. If they are more settled, they will require less anaesthesia, so recover more quickly.

boas surgery cost australia

Anaesthesia Best Practice

We provide customised anesthesia specifically for your brachycephalic dog, and ensure thorough anesthesia monitoring and dedicated intensive care unit support recovery after surgery. We also use local anesthesia with general anesthesia, ensuring your pup wakes up pain-free.

BOAS laser surgery

Laser Surgery

We use the Aesculight CO2 laser, which provides superior benefits compared to traditional scalpel surgery. It minimises bleeding, reduces swelling and discomfort, lowers the risk of infection, and ensures precise and shorter surgical procedures for quicker recovery.

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Onsite CT Scanner

While X-rays create two-dimensional images of the internal structures, CT scans offer a three-dimensional view.

boas surgery for pugs

Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Our onsite intensive care recovery bay can provide oxygen to your pup at levels to help ensure a smooth, breathe-easy recovery.

boas surgery cost australia

Bespoke Approach

BOAS surgery is not a one-size fits-all. We consider factors like palate length and thickness, and assess each case individually. Not every dog needs BOAS surgery, and we tailor the surgical plan based on what's best for your dog, prioritising their well-being and aiming for optimal outcomes.

See What Pet Parents Say About Vetland Hospital & Emergency

11 out of 10 for these fantastic crew. Very professional people with very gentle hearts and were extremely thorough. They took excellent care of my darling doggo (and me for that matter) I would definitely suggest these people to take care of your precious family members. The costs were as any standard vet would be so a thumbs up from me.
Jack Venom
Pet Parent
We had every pet-parent’s worst fear happen and had to rush our beloved 13 year old diabetic cat to the emergency vet as she was having a hypoglycaemic episode and was declining. We were seen swiftly and all the tests done and she was admitted for a 12 hour stay. The staff all made us feel reassured and their calm demeanours helped to ease my anxiety a little bit. I felt safe leaving my darling little Chérie in their care overnight and I truly felt like they were invested in her recovery..
Stephanie Keys
Pet Parent
Great place! These guys were awesome and the facilities were amazing. Squeezed us in for an emg consult after our dog scalped his head being a nutcase. We even got a tour of the facilities after they helped our boy Tiny Dog. Recommended! 🤜🤛
Danny Foster
Pet Parent
I wanted to share my positive experience with the new veterinary clinic that recently attended to my dog in an emergency. The staff demonstrated exceptional professionalism, empathy, and quick action, ensuring my pet received prompt and effective care.The facility was clean, well-equipped, and the vet's expertise was evident. I'm grateful for their dedication to my Mackie and I highly recommend this veterinary place.
Carlene D'Rosario
Pet Parent
We had to go to Vetland very early Good Friday to have our sick cat Tabitha looked at. Upon examination it was obvious that she was very ill and sadly could not be saved. During the whole time we were there we were kept fully updated and the compassion shown by all the staff was very much appreciated,and also the later follow-up.Our sincere thanks to all at Vetland.
Anne and Ern
Pet Parents
This clinic is refreshing… I’ve had to visit twice in an emergency once for my partners dog and again for my own… they are so considerate and warm and my favourite thing the did for us (apart from the wonderful work on our dogs) is the fact that they let us be apart of the consultation… I got to spend every minute with my girl right up until they put her under and I think that’s just wonderful.. for her and for me since we are so close… ❤️ A+ for sure not to mention the stitches she needed are very well done!
Lauren Gledhill
Pet Parent
Well worth the 48 km drive with no appointment madeWe arrived and saw a triage nurse straight away who was very professional and also very caring what calmed the dog down quite a bit and the other OWNERS after a short time with him with the vet who was just great seeing to myl ittle girl is complaints and full check-up very impressed I have used this service a few times but not at the new hospital you can ask the better service and very a reasonable price,
Chris Shields
Pet Parent
I would recommend Vetland to anyone in need of a vet overnightWe took our cat there last night. We were listened and our Belle was well looked after at 12.30am.The facilites are truly amazing . Thankyou
Karen Daking
Pet Parent



Breathe Easier

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